Monday Autonomous Vehicle Round Up

Crossing The Cheyenne Victoria Wilson-Schultz. #Cowgirl #Horses #Western # Painting | Cowgirl art, Cowgirl and horse, Cowboy art
Crossing The Cheyenne by Victoria Wilson-Schultz
  • Survey on Scenario-Based Safety Assessment of Automated Vehicles by an academic team in Germany. “Based on the comparison of the different approaches,we propose the use of formal verification techniques for the planning module, and the scenario-based approach at the overall system level to ensure the safety of automated vehicles.”
  • “It’s Not a Self-Driving Car Unless You Can Sleep In It” by Alex Roy. Reilly Brennan coined this “Roy’s Razor.”
  • Speaking of Reilly Brennan, let’s quote him: “Mobileye has set out to make two significant leaps which are otherwise unheard of the auto supply chain: as an amorphous Tier 2 supplier they leapt over the Tier 1 companies by wanting to work directly with the OEMS, and now have visions of leaping over the OEMs by offering a robotaxi service directly in time. If successful these would qualify as two miracles.”
  • Autonomy in India is a challenge, but startups are tackling it.
  • Self-driving bicycle, although the emphasis seems to be on simulation. Reminiscent of Anthony Levandowski’s GhostRider, from the DARPA Grand Challenge.
  • Autonomous saildrone. “We have solved the challenge of reliable long-range, large-payload remote maritime operations.”

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