Farm To Fleet

This week, Cruise announced a Farm To Fleet initiative to power our all-electric self-driving vehicle fleet with renewable energy from California’s Central Valley.

“Cruise began sourcing our solar renewable energy credits (RECs) from farms in California’s Central Valley that generate their own solar power on-site earlier this spring…
Through this initiative, every mile that Cruise drives in California helps to directly generate economic opportunity for farmers.”

I learned about this initiative right after reading Scott Alexander’s blog post about carbon credits.

“I think the most important thing it could convince you of is that if you were previously planning on letting yourself be miserable to save carbon, you should buy carbon offsets instead.”

Renewable energy credits come with some real monitoring and enforcement challenges, as Alexander explains in his blog post.

But monitoring and enforcement can make renewable energy credits, like those that Cruise is sourcing from the Central Valley, an important part of fighting climate change.

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