NIO Requires A Quiz To Use ADAS

NIO (car company) - Wikipedia

A cascade of automotive news sites report that NIO has started requiring drivers to pass a quiz in order to use its advanced driver assistance system, called NIO Pilot. Apparently this comes in the wake of a fatal crash involving the system.

Back when I was teaching at Udacity, we used quizzes all the time. In fact, the courses we built were required to have a certain cadence of quizzes. Quizzes are great, because they force students out of passive listening and into active thinking.

Of course, there are quizzes and better quizzes – not all of them are created equal. Lots of multiple-choice quizzes, especially, are too pro forma and easy. I haven’t seen NIO’s quiz, which is presumably in Chinese, to evaluate it.

According to CnEVPost:

The video introduces the key features and things to know about NIO Pilot and re-emphasizes that NIO Pilot and NOP (Navigation on Pilot) are assisted driving features, not autonomous driving and that the driver must always be in control of the driving during use.

That seems like a pretty good start.

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