Design Wins Are The Differentiator For Public Lidar Startups

I’ve long been curious about what life is like as a publicly-traded lidar startup, all of which are doing exciting stuff but none of which yet has meaningful revenue. Innoviz was happy to talk with me about that, their partnership on the BMW iNext series, and their plans for the future.

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Lidar startups like Innoviz find themselves in a curious position as publicly-traded companies with little in the way of revenue or other objective metrics, because virtually no production vehicles currently incorporate lidar.

Innoviz Vice President of North America Aditya Srinivasan shares that, for the moment, startups like his differentiate themselves in terms of design wins.

Those design wins have proven scarce. So far, only two have been announced publicly — Innoviz’s partnership with BMW, and competitor Luminar’s inclusion in future Volvo vehicles.

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