Aurora As A Service

Aurora Horizon and Aurora Connect, Aurora's subscription driver-as-a-service products will enable customers to deploy Aurora-powered trucks and ride-hailing passenger vehicles simply and seamlessly. (Photo: Aurora)

Aurora recently announced two programs – Horizon and Connect – to allow partners to rent driver systems for trucks and automobiles, respectively.

The announcement is pretty high-level and thin on details. There’s not a lot of context on how, exactly, the driver gets to the customer. Does the driver come with an Aurora vehicle, or can an Aurora driver be installed in a customer-owned vehicle?

But it’s a small step toward the dream of autonomy-as-a-service. The goal is something like Amazon Web Services, whereby any person or business with a credit card can rent a small vehicle, and then a small collection of vehicles, and then progressively larger vehicles that scale up and down, on-demand.

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