Don Burnette On Kodiak

Last week, TechCrunch+ (paywall) interviewed Kodiak CEO Don Burnette. Months ago, when I was deciding whether to I join Kodiak, I spent an hour and a half on the phone with Don. We went over a lot of the same questions that wound up in this interview. Perhaps I was good practice 🙂

If you have a TechCrunch+ membership, then the whole thing is worth a read. If not, here are some of the choice quotes.

“…in the fall of last year, we were only doing the Texas triangle between Dallas, Houston
and San Antonio. Since then, we have expanded our network tremendously across the
broader southern United States, for example from Dallas to Atlanta.”

“Our truck fleet is now up to 24 from 11 last year.”

“We’re targeting scaling this [the driver-as-a-service model] in 2025.”

“Last month, we demonstrated how easy it is to replace one of our sensor pods in the field by a non-AV trained technician…We think that’s a unique offering that other folks are not paying attention to, and I think you’re going to see a shift toward our designs and technologies in the next couple of years.”

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