Kodiak News

Kodiak Partners with Werner. The latest in a series of partnerships Kodiak has signed to haul freight for major industry shippers.

CEO Don Burnette in the New York Times. Don discusses where Kodiak is on the road to autonomy, and why trucking is such a good domain for driverless automation.

CTO Andreas Wendel on Austrian TV. In German, so I had to turn on YouTube’s auto-translated captions, which worked well. An interesting window onto how the world outside of Silicon Valley, and even the US, thinks about driverless technology.

GNSS (GPS) as part of Kodiak’s localization stack. Unlike urban self-driving companies, Kodiak uses lightweight, sparse maps for self-driving. These maps are fast to construct and rely much more on GPS than a high-definition mapping solution, which is almost entirely lidar-based.

Don Burnette on Fox Business. Starts with an interesting segue from rail to trucking, and then offers window onto how the investment community thinks about driverless technology. Also touches on recent Kodiak coast-to-coast freight routes.

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