Mobileye Powers Forward

One of the key suppliers for autonomous vehicle manufacturers is the Israeli company Mobileye. Mobileye specializes in computer vision and produces the chips and software to help cars “see” the road.

The company has had to deal with significant bad press for the last six months, including the rumor that Tesla was looking to drop them and move to another supplier. Tesla later denied that rumor.

Mobileye just announced a big fourth-quarter 2015, though, and things appear to be on the upswing.

According to Tech Republic, here are the big takeaways:

1. Already known for its partnership with Tesla, Mobileye has signed up its third major automaker, Nissan, to add to existing partnerships with GM and VW.

2. Automakers are outsourcing the creation of vision-assistance tech instead of doing it themselves.

3. By teaming up with automakers, Mobileye is gathering information from cars on the road, which can allow it to “crowdsource” maps. This access to data gives it an edge over tech companies like Google, who have not yet announced partnerships with car companies.

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