Udacity’s Self-Driving Car Curriculum

Udacity just increased the first cohort of the Self-Driving Car Nanodegree program to 500 students!

We are so excited to have over 10,000 students apply to join the program, and we hope to teach all of them.

We’re limiting the initial cohort to 500 students to make sure we have everything ready to go to scale up the program over time, but the goal is to be able to teach everyone who wants to learn.

With that in mind, you should apply today!

Here is a tentative (subject to change) overview of the first term:

Introduction: You’ll learn about the program, the student support available, and, most importantly, the ways we’ll help you land a job in autonomous vehicles. Within hours of starting, you’ll be writing code to find lane lines on the road.

Deep Learning: You’ll learn about deep neural networks and deep learning frameworks. In the final project you’ll build a deep neural network for end-to-end driving of a vehicle in a simulator.

Computer Vision: You’ll learn about how computers and cameras work together to see the world. In the final project you’ll use OpenCV and deep learning to identify vehicles on the highway.

I am super-excited about this program and I hope you are, too. Please join us!

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