Autonomous Vehicle Weekend Update

Atieva Atvus: Electric car-maker Atieva has been quietly working on autonomous vehicles for several years. Recode reports that they are on the cusp of manufacturing a sedan similar to the Tesla Model S. It’s called the Atvus.

Trolleyology @ Mercedes: I have become a little bit tired of the trolley problem, because I think it ignores the fundamental safety problem with cars, which is that human drivers kill a lot of people. But the trolley problem won’t die, and Mercedes’ CEO Christoph von Hugo squared up and answered that Mercedes is going to prioritize the saving the lives of its passengers. And kudos to them for that.

Roboracing is Hard: The autonomous vehicle race series, Roborace, just put out a documentary profiling the ups and downs of their first season. I haven’t watched it yet, but The Verge says it’s good and doesn’t sugarcoat the difficulty of pulling this off.

Uber Freight: Contrary to my belief, Uber is not sidelining the freight side of Otto’s business. Instead, they are planning to launch it next year(!).

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