Self-Driving Cars: Asia Edition

TomTom in Asia: Tomaso Grossi, the head of automotive marketing at map-maker TomTom, talks with Tech Wire Asia about the potential for self-driving cars in Asia. He says the big drivers will be Asia’s urban cores, aging populations, and reductions in congestion and pollution.

nuTonomy Fender-Bender: The startup nuTonomy, which has been the first to launch self-driving taxis in Singapore, recently got into a fender-bender with a truck. It sounds like the fault may have been with the self-driving taxi, as it was changing lanes when it apparently merged into the truck.

mCity China: A Chinese investment firm just signed a $27MM deal with the University of Michigan to build what sounds like a version of mCity in Shenzen, along with associated research focusing on self-driving cars in Asia.

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