Nanodegree Launch!

At 9am Pacific Time this morning, we opened up the Self-Driving Car Nanodegree Program to the first cohort of students!

The team at Udacity — the whole company, really — has been hard at work on preparing the modules on Introduction, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision. We are eager to hear what students think!

If you are both a reader of this blog and a student in the course, leave a comment and let me know!

We are excited about what we have built, but we also know it needs improvement to get it to where we would like it to be. So we’ll stay on it, and look out for improvements.

A huge focus for our program is helping students secure jobs working on autonomous vehicles. In addition to the instructional content and projects, we are spending a lot of time building up the part of the program.

And if you haven’t applied to join the program yet, please do!

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