Startup Watch: Otonomo

Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication has long been a little bit more nebulous than autonomy.

Whereas a single self-driving car can operate by itself, V2X (to borrow a term) communication requires, by definition, two endpoints. That’s been a blocker.

Startups are sprouting in this field, though, which may be a harbinger of progress to come.

The latest startup is Otonomo, which just raised $12MM to build software for connected cars.

Autonomous cars use otonomo to connect to digital infrastructures and exchange data in real time with other connected and autonomous cars.
 The otonomo open cloud service seamlessly and reliably connects millions of cars to hundreds of services and apps, enabling a new marketplace of car data and enriched and safer services.

That clip, from Otonomo’s website, seems to use the present tense, where I suspect the future tense might be more appropriate.

But it’s exciting to see startups planting seeds in this field. Let’s hope some of them sprout.

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