Delphi and Mobileye Roll Together

The San Francisco Chronicle got an up-close and personal look at Delphi’s partnership with Mobileye, and the self-driving cars that partnership has produced:

With the race to develop self-driving cars now at an all-out sprint, Delphi and Mobileye believe they possess an edge.

They have developed a system for crowdsourcing the hyper-detailed 3-D maps upon which autonomous vehicles rely. Millions of non-autonomous cars that use Mobileye cameras for lane keeping or collision prevention will create a constant stream of data to map roads and potential obstacles, even temporary ones such as road repair crews or double-parked cars.

Also, this:

“You can’t develop autonomous cars that just follow all the rules, because they’ll just clog cities,” [Mobileye executive Dan] Galves said. “The point is really providing the intelligence and the rules of breaking the rules, if you will — providing some human intuition into the vehicles.”

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