Driving Outside the Lines

Last week my colleague Lisbeth organized a really fun event for Udacity Self-Driving Car Students.

We rented out an auditorium at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, and had several amazing engineers talk about their work on autonomous vehicles.

The opening act was a tag-team of my colleagues Mac and Eric, talking about their work on Udacity’s own open-source self-driving car:

The main event was Sebastian Thrun interviewing Axel Gern, Head of Autonomous Driving at Mercedes-Benz North America:

And the encore was the ever-exciting George Hotz announcing Comma.ai’s new strategy:

Fun fact — at the beginning of George’s presentation, you’ll see him gesturing off-stage to some anonymous person to advance his slides. That was me. Working at a startup means wearing a lot of hats 😉

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