First News Out of CES

Our partner HARMAN has a new concept out for how to handle human-vehicle interaction in a Level 3 autonomous vehicle!

Full Windshield Heads-Up Display: Oasis utilizes the full windshield to project navigation prompts and other information to the driver, while also simultaneously projecting entertainment or information to the passenger.

Autonomous Drive Readiness Check — Handover to Manual: One of the most critical concerns of autonomous vehicles is how to ensure the transition between autonomous mode and manual mode is handled seamlessly. HARMAN’s solution combines haptic feedback, eye gaze tracking, and the driver’s cognitive load readiness through pupil monitoring, to ensure that the driver is truly engaged and able to safely take control of the steering wheel.

Augmented Reality Concierge: This solution addresses the need to support increased productivity in the car while minimizing distraction. A voice-controlled virtual assistant functions as a concierge, automatically suggesting and displaying personalized points of interest while enabling advanced in-vehicle productivity to join conference calls, update calendars and more. Through Skype connectivity, the system can even translate telephone conversations — in real time — with colleagues speaking different languages.

Predictive Collision Prevention: V2X (vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure) technologies detect objects on a collision course and offer corrective action.

Intelligent E-Mirrors: Mirrors that are automatically activated/dimmed based on user gaze.

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