The Carnage of Self-Driving Snowplows

From comes this important April 1st story about the dangers of autonomous snowplowing:

With the 2016–17 winter nearly behind us, the tally is in: The DPW’s fleet of 200 self-driving snowplows destroyed 3,019 parked cars, killed or injured 29 stray cats, created 17,898 potholes/sinkholes and sent one elderly South Side man to the hospital after burying him in a snow drift.

“Yeah, I guess Milwaukee isn’t quite ready for this technology,” admits Kowolski. “We are considering ‘hiring’ monkeys to drive the plows next season.”

But consider the vendor:

In its pilot program, the City had considered using well-tested self-driving plows built by Google and Tesla, but instead opted to install hardware from RadioShack in its existing trucks.

They tested the equipment in Mountain View, of course.

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