Human and Autonomous Machine Interaction

In a few weeks, I’ll be speaking at Car HMI USA, so please say hi if you’re there.

HMI stands for Human-Machine Interaction, and while I’m at the conference, I’m really excited to hear from UX and HMI engineers about what the future holds for riders of autonomous vehicles.

The Motley Fool predicts that self-driving cars will be great for Netflix and terrible for radio companies, which seems likely, but not particularly creative.

If we spend close to an hour per day in a self-driving car, how will we use that?

Maybe we’ll use it like we use our leisure time: 55% watching TV, 14% socializing, and 8% gaming.

I like to think we can do better. We could use self-driving cars to spend more time with our families — maybe we’ll drag our kids to work with us and have the self-driving car take them home. Maybe we’ll use that time to do housework like paying the bills or online grocery shopping.

Anything but more TV.

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