Learn from these 5 Udacity Students!

Here are posts from five Udacity Self-Driving Car students, sharing what they’ve learned about the program, their projects, Docker, and even how to hack your own car!

Review del Nano Degree de Udacity sobre conducción autónoma


Andrew provides the most comprehensive review (in Spanish) of the Self-Driving Car Nanodegree Program that I have seen yet. He covers the forums, the mentors, the hiring partners, the classes, and all of the projects. It’s a very positive review, which is flattering:

“Clonacion de Comportamiento es uno de los proyectos con los que más he aprendido nunca y con los que he visto la potencia pero también la dificultad de diseñar y entrenar redes neuronales. Merece la pena hacer el nano-degree sólo por este proyecto.”

Starting Udacity Self Driving Car Nanodegree with Docker

Gungor Basa

Gungor provides a concise tutorial for students looking to spin up Docker for the Self-Driving Car Nanodegree Program:

“I just realized there are still a lot of people having problem with Docker and starter kit for Self Driving Car Nanodegree program. In this post, I will give you a step by step guide.”

Making A Virtual Self-Driving Car

Muddassir Ahmed

Muddassir covers some really cool data augmentation he performed on his Behavioral Cloning training set. By the end, his network is able to drive multiple laps around the crazy jungle track!

“I used a python generator in order to feed training batches to the network. The generator I designed also augments the data before generating a batch. I apply different types of augmentation to the data such as varying the brightness, color saturation, adding random shadows, translations, and horizontal flips to the images.”

Vision Needed

Harish Vadlamani

Harish reflects on the challenges of the program, what was awesome about it, and what we need to improve:

“During this period, I have spent many all-nighters chugging down on redbull and coffee in an attempt to consume enough caffeine to stick it out and get through the various hurdles the course throws at you. I have on multiple ocassions spent days working on an idea only to get so frustrated with the results and progress to go ahead and scrap it entirely. Only to later realize that I had been right all along but made a tiny error in executing it!

In hindsight(*spoiler alert), it was worth all the trouble!”

Hacking my own car: Lessons learnt after a few months of setbacks.

Ariel Nuñez (autti)

Ariel is building a self-driving car from scratch, and has learned all sorts of practical lessons. This is a great list to read if you want to learn from somebody who is hacking a car:

“Can buses are good, dual can buses are great. They allow you to be able to separate key traffic in order to be able to ‘replace’ a factory module like the LKAS or the ACC. Get an Arduino due with dual can. ($70)”

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