Tuesday Autonomous Vehicle Links

Delphi is splitting in two. One half will focus on powertrain and other traditional bread and butter automotive components. The other half will focus on software and electronics. Looks like Delphi sees software eating the automotive supply chain.

Mobileye banks on mapping revenue. There have been very few companies able to supply the high-definition maps that autonomous vehicles need. Mobileye plans to be one of them.

Tesla will upload video from consumer cars. I’m surprised this wasn’t already the case. Don’t use your Tesla to break the law. Or, if you do, cover up the camera.

K-City will dwarf M-City. Korea is building an urban testing environment for self-driving cars. It will be almost three times bigger than the environment that Ford and the University of Michigan built.

Uber ATG to open an office in Canada. This will be of interest to Udacity’s Canadian students.

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