Training Self-Driving Car Engineers in India

Udacity and Infosys partner to teach autonomous technology!

Udacity and Infosys just announced a partnership to train hundreds of Infosys’ top software engineers in autonomous vehicle development.

Quoting Infosys President Ravi Kumar:

Udacity and Infosys are uniting the elements of education and transformative technology in this one-of-a-kind program. Trainees, with the first 100 selected through a global hackathon in late November, will immerse themselves in autonomous technology courses that require hands-on training to simulate real-life scenarios. By the end of 2018, Infosys will have trained 500 employees on the spectrum of technologies that go into building self-driving vehicles, and in doing so will help to evolve the future of transportation for drivers, commuters and even mass transit systems.

And Udacity CEO Vishal Makhijani:

This program will be part of Udacity Connect, which is Udacity’s in-person, blended learning program. Infosys engineers from around the world will participate in Udacity’s online Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree program, and combine one term of online studies with two terms of being physically located together at the Infosys Mysore training facility, where the program will be facilitated by an in-person Udacity session lead.

Two aspects of this partnership are particularly exciting for me. One is simply working with a top technology company like Infosys. When we started building the Nanodegree program, our objective was to “become the industry standard for training self-driving car engineers.” This partnership moves us significantly closer to that objective. We are grateful and excited for the opportunity, and thrilled for the participating engineers.

The other exciting aspect of this partnership is that it will happen in India. The Infosys engineers will fly in from all over the world, but there is something special about conducting the program in Mysore.

For many years autonomous vehicle development has happened in just a few places: Detroit, Pittsburgh, southern Germany. Recently, we’ve seen autonomous vehicle development expand to Silicon Valley, Japan, Israel, various parts of Europe, Singapore, and beyond. Training autonomous vehicle engineers in India expands the opportunities for students worldwide.

7% of students in the Udacity Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree program are from India. The Infosys partnership is an important next step in building a robust pipeline of job opportunities for our students on the subcontinent.

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