Say Hello in Detroit

Next month I’ll be checking off a common bucket list item by visiting Michigan in January. Most people go for the weather, but I in fact am going for the North American International Auto Show.

I tease, of course, but I truly am excited to be heading back to Motor City, and especially for America’s largest auto show.

On Wednesday, January 17, I’ll be speaking on a panel at Automobili-D, the tech section of the show, and I’ll be in town with some Udacity colleagues through the weekend.

Drop me a note at and I’d love to say hello. It’s always amazing to head to the center of the automotive world. In many ways it reminds me of how cool it was to visit Silicon Valley when I was a software engineer in Virginia, living outside the center of the software world.

We’ll be holding at least one and maybe a few events for Udacity students, potential students, and partners, and I’ll be announcing those here as we nail them down.

See you in Detroit!

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