Ireland and Israel

According to a story that popped up in my news feed, “Intel is expected to announce investment amounting to $4–5 billion in expanding production is Israel.”

This actually appears to have nothing to do (at least directly) with self-driving cars. Rather, Intel is ramping up chip production, which is a capital-intensive process.

However, this line from the article caught my eye: “Israel traditionally competes with Ireland in benefits offered to Intel in exchange for investment.”

I had never really thought of that, but I’m sure it’s a fact of life for technology executives in both countries. Two small, somewhat isolated, highly-educated, technology-focused countries on opposite edges of Europe, with strong ethnic and expatriate connections to the United States. Of course Israel traditionally competes with Ireland. Now that I think about it, they seem like practically the same country.

And this is interesting because Israel has such a dynamic autonomous vehicle industry. Mobileye, of course, but also research centers for many automotive manufacturers and suppliers, and a cluster of autonomous vehicle startups.

Ireland has been less active in the autonomous vehicle market, but if you believe the theory that Ireland and Israel are practically the same country, then presumably the autonomous vehicle industry is coming to Ireland.

And, indeed, Jaguar Land Rover is building their autonomous vehicle team in Shannon. Keep an eye on the Emerald Isle.

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