Intro to Self-Driving Cars Webinar

Get the inside scoop on how self-driving cars work, and learn about career opportunities in the autonomous vehicle industry!

A few days ago I hosted a webinar with my colleague Jane Sheppard about how self-driving cars work, and about career opportunities in the autonomous vehicle industry. If you’re interested in self-driving cars, you should watch 😉

I talk about business models in the self-driving car space, run down who’s focused on hardware vs. software, and describe all the players in the arena, from the smallest startups to the biggest global organizations (you wouldn’t believe how much money some of the big companies are putting into this technology!). I specifically discuss Tesla’s consumer sales model, and the impact and involvement of ride-sharing companies—and that’s all before I even get to the core technologies that make self-driving cars possible 🚗

If you want to get the low-down on perception, localization, and planning, just hit play below!

“If sensor fusion and computer vision tell you what the world looks like, localization tells you where you are in that world.”

And if you would like to learn about self-driving cars, I recommend the Udacity Intro to Self-Driving Cars Nanodegree Program (for new programmers) or the Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree Program (for intermediate programmers).

See you in the classroom!

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