Self-Driving Fundamentals: Lesson 1

Discover why our free “Self-Driving Fundamentals: Featuring Apollo” course is such an ideal starting point for anyone new to the field of autonomous systems.

Self-Driving Fundamentals: Featuring Apollo is a terrific, free introduction to how self-driving cars work, through the lens of the Apollo open-source self-driving car project.

It’s perfect for beginners who are in the exploratory phase of their autonomous systems journey, and it does a great job demonstrating how existing basic programming and data skills can be applied to this field.

Upon successfully completing the program, you’ll be ready to combine your newly-acquired self-driving car fundamentals with your existing programming skills to enroll in our Intro to Self-Driving Cars Nanodegree program.

The course begins with an overview of self-driving cars, and how they work. From there, we dive into Apollo and it’s multi-layer architecture: reference vehicle, reference hardware, open-source software, and cloud services.

Self-Driving Fundamentals: Featuring Apollo is led by the leaders of the Apollo project, Udacity founder Sebastian Thrun, and me!

This is a great opportunity to learn the key parts of self-driving cars, and get to know the Apollo architecture. You’ll utilize Apollo HD maps, localization, perception, prediction, planning and control, and start learning the fundamentals of how to build self-driving cars.

And it’s free! You should learn about self-driving cars with us 🚗

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