Driverless Robotaxis In China

Yesterday, AutoX announced the launch of its driverless robotaxi service to the public in Shenzhen, China.

As I wrote in, the rollout resembles the process Waymo took to launch its driverless Waymo One service in Arizona, but AutoX is progressing much faster.

Whereas Waymo tested self-driving cars with human safety operators for a decade before advancing to driverless vehicles, AutoX was founded in only 2016 and just began testing fully driverless vehicles a few months ago.

This surprised me:

Also like Waymo, the base vehicle for the AutoX service is the Chrysler Pacifica minivan. The selection of an American automotive manufacturer for this initial program is notable because AutoX has partnerships with many Chinese manufacturers, including Dongfeng Motors, Shanghai Auto, BYD, and Chery Automobile.

There’s even an in-flight safety video you can watch. Read the whole thing.

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