Ford’s Mother Of All Road Trips

2021 Mustang Mach-E Electric Vehicle

My friends and former colleagues at Ford have been running behind Tesla and GM on advanced-driver assistance systems. While Tesla AutoPilot and GM Super Cruise have been in market for years (albeit on a limited number of vehicles, in GM’s case) Ford’s ADAS offering, Co-Pilot 360, only made it to market in the last year and is so far much more limited than the competition.

Ford aims to change that, especially on its new flagship platform, the Mustang Mach-E.

To that end, Ford just completed and publicized MOART: The Mother Of All Roadtrips.

MOART completed 110,000 miles of nationwide (and Canada!) driving on BlueCruise, its upcoming ADAS offering. BlueCruise offers hands-free driving on “pre-qualified sections of divided highway”, much like GM Super Cruise. The functionality will be installed via over-the-air updates on both Mustang Mach-E vehicles and Ford F-150s, provided they have the right driver assistance packages pre-installed.

To top it off, Ford published this nifty video, commemorating the experience.

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