A 500,000 Mile Tesla Journey

My former Udacity colleague, Ben Hommerding, is writing a running series on Medium about his new Tesla Model 3 and the 500,000 miles he intends to drive it.

Ben has lots of good tips for scouting and purchasing a Tesla, especially related to trading in your old vehicle, which is one of the few parts of the process that he found negotiable.

“After adding my trade-in and images, it took almost 3 days before receiving my confirmation back about the final value. Someone reviews the photos you took to verify the final value, and when that is done, you get the final value. “

I enjoy that Ben writes about the Tesla experience through a product lens, and has lots of little suggestions for how Tesla could make an already great purchase experience even better.

  1. 500,000 Mile Electric Car Journey: The Starting Line
  2. Road to 500,000 Electric Miles: Tesla Test Drive Experience
  3. 5 Things to Know When Buying Your Tesla

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