AutoX’s Partnership Strategy And Execution

Ten AutoX autonomous Honda sedans parked side-by-side.

AutoX deploys its autonomy software and hardware to more vehicle platforms than any other company of which I am aware. In my latest article, I spoke with AutoX COO Jewel Li about how and why they’ve developed this capability.

“The Chinese auto market is more diverse than anywhere else,” according to AutoX COO Jewel Li. “Every manufacturer from the US, Germany, Japan, and Korea sells vehicles in China. On top of that, there are about 200 Chinese auto manufacturers. That’s why we work with so many different partners, whereas in other parts of the world, you tend to see autonomy startups align themselves with a single manufacturer.”

AutoX streamlines engineering work by deploying a consistent sensor and computational suite on all vehicle platforms. All vehicles in the AutoX fleet, whether passenger sedans, minivans, or box trucks, operate the same set of sensors and hardware.

We also discussed developments in their driverless robotaxi service in Shenzhen.

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