Integrated Roadways Smart Pavement

Years ago, Integrated Roadways CEO Tim Sylvester was a regular reader and commenter on my Medium articles. I think Tim has moved on, at least from commenting, but he is still pushing forward smart infrastruture in the US, almost by force of will.

I was excited to read this local news story about Integrated Roadways Smart Pavement being deployed in Lenexa, Kansas.

“It’s like big Lego blocks for roadways,’ Tim Sylvester, Integrated Roadways founder, said. “And then inside we put sensors and communication tech and what we call expansion ports, so you can add new technology in the future time.” Lenexa plans to open public swimming pools this summer, with COVID-19 protocols

Video from Integrated Roadways out of Kansas City shows how they make these blocks of roadway. The material used is sturdy, expected to last 35-to-50 years, which is much longer than asphalt.

“What we basically do is build the road as sections in a factory and then deliver them to the site, install them,” Sylvester said. “When it’s done, it’s totally invisible. You’d never notice that it’s there.”

Smart Pavement has already been deployed in Denver and Colorado Highway 285. The company is based in Kansas City.

I love to see autonomous vehicle progress in all these different places in America!

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