Pledge 1%: Cruise For Good

Last Friday, Cruise CEO Dan Ammann announced Cruise for Good, a commitment to allocate 1% of Cruise’s resources to serving the community. This is part of the larger Pledge 1% initiative, that many companies have joined.

Cruise for Good has three mandates:

  • Partner with nonprofits and organizations that know their communities the best
  • Serve people who are the most vulnerable
  • Go where the need is greatest

I wasn’t at all involved in this project, but it strikes me as aligned with Cruise’s larger commitment to the city of San Francisco, which is both one of the wealthiest cities in America, and also home to one of America’s largest homeless populations. There is a lot of work to do and a lot of good that can be done.

The commitment is not limited to San Francisco, however. Ammann’s Medium post states, “We pledge 1% of our fleet to serving local communities in need — not just in San Francisco, but everywhere Cruise goes.”

Here’s a video, featuring former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown, explaining Cruise for Good in more detail.

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