Hot Job Tuesday: Compute Hardware Tech Lead at Cruise

Cruise is recruiting a hands-on engineering leader for the computational hardware team.

You can apply directly through the website, or email me ( and I can put you into the system.

We believe in managers who remain deeply technical and understand the challenges their teams are facing.”

Cruise Compute Hardware Tech Lead Job Description

One of the selling points of the role is the opportunity to build a team of world-class “hardware and electrical engineers dedicated to the development of computing hardware for Autonomous Vehicles.” The job description itself suggests that one of the big challenges will be scaling. That’s an exciting challenge!

This is an opportunity to:

  • Select components
  • Review schematics
  • Lay out printed circuit boards
  • Analyze signal and power integrity
  • Validate development plans

Direct experience in the automotive industry is awesome, but the job description is open to engineering managers from the robotics and aerospace ecosystems, as well.

If you’re interested, even if you don’t think you meet every single qualification, you should apply! Or send me your CV and I’ll take credit for referring you 🙂

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