Manage Me At Cruise!

Would you like to manage me?

I am a dream to manage, I swear. You just need to be a little patient when my microphone doesn’t work on Google Meet or Zoom.

Cruise is hiring an Engineering Manager for the Architecture & Acceleration Team in the Motion Planning & Controls Group. That’s my team!

It’s small – currently there are only two of us. So you’d get to join and build your dream team, almost from the ground up. My colleague, Sean, is a much better engineer than me, but I’m better at using emojis than he is. Between the two of us you’d start with a rock solid foundation.

Not quite ready for that plunge?

How about you just come be our colleague?

We’re also hiring (you guessed it!) Senior Software Engineers for the Architecture & Acceleration Team. You’d get to pair program with me! We’ll program self-driving cars together!

Email your CV to me ( I know people here who can make things happen.

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