Free Electric Car Rental

This is a very narrow announcement, but my wife forwarded me an email from an entity I’d never heard of called Peninsula Clean Energy. They will reimburse $200 toward electric car rentals for residents of San Mateo County, California, which we are. That’s enough for a 2-3 day rental.

They recommend Turo, although they’ll reimburse from any rental agency. Turo is a good place to start, because they have a healthy collection of EVs (at least in our area). Unlike traditional rental agencies, Turo specifies exactly which car you’re renting. So there’s no risk of renting an electric car, only to show up at the rental counter (Turo doesn’t even have rental counters, it’s more like Airbnb for cars) and learn you’ve been “upgraded” to tank.

The main caveat here is that I’m unfamiliar with Peninsula Clean Energy. They seem reputable, though. Apparently they’re “San Mateo County’s official electricity provider.” I would’ve guessed that was PG&E, but perhaps PG&E only wholesales the electricity and PCE delivers the electricity. I’m unsure.

And of course this isn’t relevant to you if you happen to live outside the very narrow boundaries of San Mateo County. But maybe there is a similar program where you live? Worth looking.

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