The Boring Company’s Las Vegas Loop

The Boring Company Loop System - YouTube

Elon Musk has so many companies. SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink, The Boring Company. I’m probably missing a few.

I confess, I hadn’t paid much attention to The Boring Company, and I kind of assumed they were mired in the bureaucratic red tape of infrastructure.

But, lo and behold, they have built a tunnel underneath Las Vegas and are now giving free test rides to the public.

What amazes me about this is The Boring Company’s ability to build infrastructure.

Sure, there are all sorts of reasons this initial project is lame.

“The goal of The Boring Company’s $52.5 million project is to turn a 45-minute walk into a two-minute trip, but testers pointed to inefficiency in the system as they waited for cars to arrive at the stations, and cars became backed up in the tight underground spaces between tunnel roads.”

“Watch Elon Musk’s Boring Company test its Tesla tunnel system in Las Vegas with members of the public”, Business Insider

But they built a 1.7 mile tunnel underneath downtown Las Vegas for $52.5 million! You can’t even buy a startup these days for $52.5 million.

The state of California has spent billions of dollars and fifteen years on a high speed rail line that is not yet running, and may never run. New York City spent fifteen years and over four billion dollars constructing three stops on the Second Avenue Subway.

The Boring Company built the Las Vegas loop in three years, for 1% of the cost of those other projects.

The Las Vegas loop isn’t the point. The point is the boring. The point is that they can build.

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