Sunday Autonomous Vehicle Roundup

2007 Hundreds of cowboys, known as drovers, recreated the 1800s cattle drive  along the Chisholm Trail *U.S. 81, in Oklahoma … | Chisholm trail, Cattle  drive, Cattle
  • Moorissa Tjokro wrote a terrific article on AV localization, and the sensors and algorithms involved.
  • “Internal Combustion Engine” is an amazing and deep lesson about how automotive engines work. The three-dimensional animations are the best part. Thanks to Future of Transportation for the pointer.
  • Apple and Google both want to replace car keys with phones, and it seems like a good idea. But they’re having trouble getting the auto manufacturers to participate. I checked into a Hilton Garden Inn a few years ago and bypassed the front desk, because I could open the door with my room key. It was pretty great. Thanks again, Future of Transportation newsletter.
  • Plus sent an autonomous truck (with a safety operator) on a journey down the Silk Road.
  • Last summer, I missed TuSimple’s announcement of plans for a future nationwide self-driving truck network. This analysis suggests that would be extremely hard to pull off. But I guess that means if they do pull it off, they’ve developed a huge competitive advantage.
  • The first drone (“unmanned aerial combat vehicle”) flew 19 years ago, in May 2002. It was called the X-45A and supported (required?) “significant remote piloting”. The first two models are now in the Smithsonian and an Air Force Museum. I have mixed feelings about all of this.

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