Trucks Venture Capital

Trucks Venture Capital just closed their second fund, at a size of $52,525,252. I don’t understand the significance of that number, other than the periodicity. In any case, congratulations to them!

Trucks is the preeminent mobility-focused venture capital firm in San Francisco, and arguably the world. They’ve been a big fish in a small pond, and the pond has been getting bigger, so now they are getting bigger.

Reilly Brennan, one of the founders of the firm, is well-known in the industry for his weekly Future of Transportation newsletter.

Trucks’ portfolio includes AEye, Bear Flag Robotics, Gatik, Joby, May Mobility, nuTonomy, Starsky Robotics, and many other mobility startups. Several of those companies have exited, one way or another, which is a credit to the firm.

They’re also launching a Growth Fund, to invest in larger companies, ideally companies from their seed funds that have grown into larger funding needs. The fund is open to the public right now, so take a look and consider participating!

The Growth Fund has an unusual structure, in which participants can provide $5,000 or more per quarter, and each quarter gets its own fund. I think this means you could invest as little as $5,000 in the growth fund (although you must be an accredited investor).

If so, that’s a pretty nifty deal.

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