Voyagers Inside Cruise

Cruise to buy self-driving car rival Voyage - Axios
Cruise co-founder and CTO Kyle Vogt, and Voyage co-founder and CEO, Oliver Cameron.

In my three months working at Cruise, one of my favorite perks has been continuing to work with my friends from Voyage. We’re spread around different teams and even divisions of Cruise – some in prediction, some in planning, some in frameworks, and some of us, like me, in controls. Every few weeks we get together and to exchange notes and laugh and reminisce.

I basically came to Cruise with a built-in network in all different parts of the company. That type of network, in a company as large as Cruise is now, might take a year or more to develop. But from the moment I joined Cruise, if I had a question about perception or embedded systems or remote assistance or any other part of the company, there has always been a former Voyager I could ask.

It’s a secret benefit of an acquisition that delights me 🙂


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