The “Career Services Available to You” Lesson

The guiding star of the Udacity Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree Program is jobs. Everything we do ultimately connects to preparing students to become autonomous vehicle engineers.

For that reason, Udacity has invested heavily in career support for students. Every student has access to optional projects where they can get personalized reviews of résumés and cover letters, as well as guidance for online profiles on sites liked LinkedIn, GitHub, and Udacity’s own Career Portal.

In this lesson, students hear from our Careers Team about the services and extracurricular professional activities that Udacity offers for students.

There are also videos from three of our content partners in the Nanodegree — Mercedes-Benz, NVIDIA, and Uber ATG — explaining what it’s like to work with them, how to get a job with them, and the value the Nanodegree Program provides.

We also have pointers to extracurricular lessons that are available to all Nanodegree students on two topics: “Job Search Strategies”, and “Networking”.

The “Job Search Strategies” lesson covers how to build a résumé and cover letter tailored to a specific job, as well as strategies for finding that job.

The “Networking” lesson offers tips for building your personal brand and developing a network that can push job opportunities in your direction. There are also optional projects through which you can get personal reviews of your GitHub, LinkedIn, and Udacity profiles.

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