The C++ Nanodegree Program!

I am super excited that today Udacity launched the C++ Nanodegree Program! My team and I have been building this for the last several months and we can’t wait to share it with students. 💻

C++ is the compiled, high-performance programming language that powers robots, self-driving cars, embedded systems, the Internet of Things, and even video games!

There are so many jobs available for C++ engineers. 😄

One of my favorite parts of building this program was the opportunity to talk with C++ creator Bjarne Stroustrup. Bjarne cares a lot about teaching C++ well, and he was incredibly generous with his time and advice on the curriculum. He also graciously sat for many videos that appear in the program, in which he explains how different features of the language work, why those features came about, and the right way to use them.

The Nanodegree Program is composed of five courses, each lasting one month:

Foundations: Learn the basics of “modern” C++ (C++17!) syntax and operators. You’ll finish this course by building a real-world route planner using OpenStreetMap data!

Object-Oriented Programming: Design programs using object-oriented C++ features, including classes and templates. The final project for this course is to implement an htop-like process manager for Linux (we provide a full Linux desktop through your browser!).

Memory Management: Grasp the power of C++ by learning how to manage resources on the stack and the free store. In particular, learn how to leverage Resource Acquisition Is Initialization (RAII) principles to scope your resources and handle them automatically!

Concurrency: Parallel processing has been a key driver of the adoption of C++ into real-time and embedded systems, like self-driving cars. In this course, you’ll exploit parallel processing to accelerate your programs, starting with parallel implementations of standard library algorithms and moving all the way to thread synchronization and communication.

C++ is such an important skill, and I think this course teaches “modern” C++ in a really intuitive and hands-on way, just like all Udacity courses.

Check out the Nanodegree Program and enroll today!

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