Market Breakdown for Autonomous Trucking

Bloomberg wrote a great headline: “The Race to Build Self-Driving Trucks Has Four Horses and Three Jockeys.” The article itself is mainly about robotaxis vs. autonomous trucks, but it’s worth reading for one infographic.

I used data from Transport Topics to create a similar infographic here, but you should click through to the original Bloomberg infographic. That has more detail, such as the specific brands that each company owns, and the brand market shares. For example, Daimler manufactures trucks in the US under the Freightliner brand name, along with Western Star.

I’m also not sure the Bloomberg analysis fully captures all of the partnerships in this space. For example, the original graphic left out the Daimler/Torc relationship (Daimler acquired Torc). I’m also not sure how well this covers geographies outside the US: Plus.AI announced a partnership with IVECO for autonomous trucks in Europe and Asia.

And perhaps the route to building a self-driving truck runs more through partnerships with shippers like Amazon and FedEx, rather than the manufacturers.

But, as somebody who isn’t that well-versed in the dynamics of the Class 8 trucking market, I found this infographic to be a useful way to conceptualize the ecosystem.

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